preserving and
promoting Iran’s rich heritage.

For the past 30 years, the Iran Heritage Foundation has proudly supported Iranian
culture, history and language, so both the Iranian community & the whole world can
be enriched by them.

Iran is one of the oldest civilisations in the world, and it has a priceless wealth of knowledge, philosophies, science,
art, traditions and skills gained over 5000 years. And it’s still evolving today.

The IHF’s partnerships, initiatives, events and contributions have deepened the world’s understanding and
appreciation of Iran’s remarkable heritage.

We believe the wonder, beauty and lessons held within Iranian traditions are a uniquely relevant gift for everyone
to enjoy. That’s why we welcome you to experience them with us, ready to share with our thriving community
and to pass on to the next generation.

Iran Heritage Foundation’s Trustees are pleased to announce that the Academic Committee
is now accepting applications for the 2024 grants programme.
For details please refer to the Committee announcement here.

About Us

Areas we're proud to enhance and support


Preserving and promoting
5000 years of rich history.


Showcasing the arts,
poetry,film & music, and
celebrating our traditions


Funding and sharing
resources to keep the
Persian language read and